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'That may be evidence': Saskatoon police continue to ask Fairhaven residents for help investigating homicide


The homicide in Fairhaven last week is still on the minds of residents as police continue their search for those responsible, and work to alleviate fears in the community about the attack.

When the 66-year-old man’s body was found near the basketball court of the Fairhaven school on Wednesday morning, residents in the area expressed concern for their own safety.

They worry that someone dangerous may be on the loose, as no arrest has been made yet. Posts to social media indicate residents are still on edge.

Deputy police chief Dave Haye told CTV news they don’t believe there’s a risk to public safety following the violent incident.

He couldn’t give specifics on the case but said the way events played out that day led investigators to determine the person responsible fled the area after the attack.

“It’s not an active event. It’s over with and the persons responsible are no longer in the area so we don’t believe — and that’s why it’s phrased that way — we don’t believe there’s any ongoing risk to the public,” Haye told CTV News.

“If there’s an ongoing risk to the public we’re obliged to a duty to warn.”

Saskatoon's deputy police Chief Dave Haye is shown in this photo.

Police continue to canvass residents for information, and they’re also counting on security camera footage to assist in solving the city’s latest homicide.

“Our investigators are hard at work investigating what happened that morning. I know that they've been door-to-door in the community, speaking with residents of the area, and where residents aren’t home there, leaving behind fliers asking people to call us.”

Residents are also asked to be aware of their surroundings in case a piece of evidence surfaces.

“What we're looking for is people who may have seen something or found something in their yard that may not belong to them — that may be evidence of the crime,” Haye said. Top Stories

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