A Saskatoon couple is $1 million richer thanks to a winning lottery ticket.

Dennis and Marjorie Petryshyn are the winners of the Lotto 6-49 guaranteed $1-million prize from last Saturday.

The couple bought their winning ticket from the Silverwood Convenience Store in Saskatoon's north end.

Dennis discovered the couple won when he went to the same store two days later and checked the ticket.

"After I saw the prize amount on the screen, I took the ticket to the clerk. I asked, 'Does this say a million, or am I missing a dot in there somewhere?'" Dennis said in a news release.

"She checked it, and, it was a million. I couldn't believe it was happening."

The couple said their newly found assets will give them a new sense of financial security.

"This win will help us make a more comfortable life for us and for our kids," Marjorie said.

The winnings will help them take care of each other as well.

"I can finally give you all the things I wanted to give you, but never could," Dennis said to Marjorie.

"That changes my life big time."