SAKATOON -- Tenille Arts made the difficult decision years ago to move away from Weyburn Nashville where she has been working on her career.

She has won numerous awards during her years in the industry, and recently her song “Somebody like That” topped the U.S. country music charts.

“I always had the dream of it going to number one, but I was celebrating every milestone because you don’t really know when you’re last milestone is going to be,” said Arts.

“It’s pretty crazy to look at it now. There’s so many people behind the scenes that made this happen for me.”

“Somebody Like That” made history as the first number one country single written, produced, and performed all by women.

Arts hopes this helps to inspire young girls wanting to find their way into the industry.

“Don’t be intimidated by the men, there’s plenty of room for women in country music and I think were seeing that shift right now. When I was number one it was me and another female back to back, it’s definitely changing in that direction. If they’re looking to get into country music it’s a good time to be a woman in country music.”

Arts said she has had to make difficult decisions throughout her career such as leaving Saskatchewan, but said that having good people around has helped her make her way through the industry.

Growing up in Weyburn was a big source of inspiration in her music, helping her turn into the artist she is today while remembering her time in Saskatchewan.

“I write about my home town and the people there a lot because I just write about what I know, and I grew up in a very small town where everybody knows everybody,” Arts said.

Arts said that her relationship with her fans has been important to her, especially during a time when tours and shows were rare.

“They are so incredible, and so invested. I had never seen so many fans invested in the charts and what was happening at country radio. I found out I was number one on Twitter, with my fans actually tweeting pictures of the charts.”

Arts said she has two big tours coming up, one for the summer and another that will go into next year if all goes well.