Health officials say the number of students getting tested for TB exposure is lower than anticipated – and they have extended testing by an extra day. A testing clinic has been operating at the University of Saskatchewan since Monday, after a student there was diagnosed with active tuberculosis last week. That student is getting treated, and is said to be doing fine.

    But after the diagnosis, health officials estimated close to 600 other students had been exposed to the TB bacteria. They share classes with the infected student. The testing is supposed to see if any of the other students test positive for the TB bacteria.

    “So far we’ve had 225 student come through,” said Dr. Julie Kryzanowski with the Saskatoon Health Region.”We do encourage students who haven’t been tested yet to come to the clinic today, and they could have their tests read on Friday.”

      The university sent letters to close to 600 students, asking them to get tested.

     Health officials have said the risk of getting TB is low. Even if people have been exposed, they only have a 10 per cent chance of developing TB.

     They say TB is curable after a treatment of antibiotics lasting six months.