A Prince Albert paramedic’s quick reflexes are being credited with preventing what the Parkland Ambulance Service says could have been a fatal collision.

The ambulance service says paramedics were travelling on Highway 55 and headed to Victoria Hospital with a patient early in the morning May 14 when an SUV came directly toward their ambulance, driving in the wrong lane and with no headlights on.

The paramedic driving the ambulance managed to avoid a head-on crash at the last second, and the SUV clipped the side of the emergency vehicle.

“If not for the incredible quick response and defensive driving taken by our paramedic, lives could have been lost,” a Parkland Ambulance Care media release stated.

The paramedics and their patient suffered minor injuries, as did the driver and two passengers in the SUV.

The patient was still in hospital as of Friday, but not due to injuries sustained in the collision.

The collision was alcohol-related, according to Parkland Ambulance.