It's been almost a week since Saskatoon superbike racer Brett McCormick was in a horrific crash. He broke his neck, thumb, and cracked a C5 vertebra.

Now, he's back in Saskatoon recovering, with the help of some home town support.

McCormick was racing in a superbike FIM World Championship in the Netherlands. He says he didn't expect a competitor to try to pass him on the corner. It threw him off his line, and when his bike veered onto the wet grass, he lost control resulting in a terrible crash.

And yet, only six days after the accident, McCormick is back on his feet. "I feel amazing in my eyes for what's happened to me. It hasn't been a week since the accident and I'm feeling really good."

He's got some good news from his doctors too; they expect him to make a full recovery. His neck is stable and doesn't need surgery, but doctors will have to operate on his thumb.

If the operation is not successful, it will make racing hard. But McCormick is determined to get back on his bike. "Either July 1 in Spain, or mid-July in Czech Republic is when I'm aiming to be back on the bike."

McCormick says the support he got from his home town Saskatoon has been amazing. He says with all the help from his friends and family, he has no doubt he'll be back on the track in no time.