SASKATOON -- A Saskatoon-born fashion stylist recently had the opportunity to style celebrity singer-songwriter Lizzo for a feature appearing in next month's edition of Marie Claire Australia. Stylist Cristina Acevedo shared her experience with anchor Alex Brown on CTV Morning Live.

Tell me how this opportunity came to be?

Fashion and everything that revolves around my industry is all word of mouth. Referrals are major, and in this particular case, it was a producer I had worked with on a different music video who thought of me for the job.

How did you create this look? What was some of the inspiration?

Lizzo has her particular style for performance, and she's very avant garde. This one was about Hollywood glam, so we wanted to do a really defined look, like the old red carpet feel. I had a couple of days to prep it. I actually had a designer in L.A. custom-make me a dress for her. The red vegan leather piece that we ended up using as the accessory for the cover, was just a piece I had found. Things just magically come together on set. We have a big rack of options. Lizzo knows exactly what she wants, and in the end, there's no "I" in team, so it was a decision between all of us.

What was working with Lizzo like? What was the experience of the day like - is it stressful, is it fun, is it exhausting? 

All of the above. L.A. Is full of celebrities, so we get to work with all different personalities. Lizzo is such a wonderful energy. She has a big personality and knows what she wants. She's actually a really great personality to work with.

How did you get into fashion & design?

I actually graduated from the University of Saskatchewan, with a degree in marketing. I always knew I wanted to work in fashion so I moved to Montreal, which is our fashion capital of Canada. Oddly enough, I was picked out of a group of people when we were out at a Shawn Desman CD release party. There was a stylist who really enjoyed my look, so we started chatting. She needed somebody as an assistant, and the rest is history. I worked under her for a couple of years and then started my own business.