PRINCE ALBERT -- The Saskatchewan Health Authority is asking students and staff from St. John Community School and Redwing Public School to self-isolate after COVID-19 cases were identified at the schools.

Those associated with the Grade 6 classrooms at Redwing Public School self-isolate until June 17.

The Saskatchewan Rivers School Division says there no evidence that the cases were acquired or transmitted at school.

Last week, students and staff from the Grade 2 and Grade 5 classroom at Redwing Public School were required to self-isolate until June 11.

Saskatchewan Rivers School Division says learning programs will be provided to those students affected while in-person learning will continue for the rest of the school.

The Prince Albert Catholic School Saskatchewan Health Authority has identified six positive COVID-19 cases in individuals at St. John Community School.

The Catholic school division said communication has been shared with the specific classrooms and groups at the school community. The affected classroom or number of persons requested to self-isolate has not been released to the public.