SASKATOON -- An advancing low pressure system is leaving its mark across central and northeastern swathes of Saskatchewan.

Snowfall warnings are in effect from Saskatoon extending northeast into Manitoba.

Ten to 15 centimetres of snow is being projected. Changing road conditions and reduced visibility are major factors for motorists.

Monday should see a high of zero in Saskatoon with winds gusting to 40 kilometres per hour.

Environment Canada meteorologist Terri Lang said snowfalls like this are not uncommon for this time of year.

“In the spring and the fall is when we tend to get our heaviest snowfalls and that’s because we have the warmer air to the south of us.”

Due to the increase in moisture from the warmer air, snowflakes are formed larger than usual and create heavier, wetter snow when it falls.

Lang expects the snowfall to slow down during the late afternoon and stop Monday evening.

However, we could see stronger winds and colder temperatures overnight. Heavy, gusting winds could also appear on Wednesday, potentially blowing fresh snow onto roads and highways, though Lang hopes the snow is settled by then.

Anyone driving on provincial highways should check the Highway Hotline before heading out as some roads are showing difficulties, according to Lang.

Snow removal in the City of Saskatoon is continuing as normal during the COVID-19 outbreak, the city says.

Graders, sanders and plows arre on the roads clearing high priority streets such as Circle Drive.

The city warns that roads could become wet and sloppy this week and they advise people to continue to stay at home.

Saskatoon remains under a snowfall warning for Monday night, with another 10 cm expected, the city says.