SASKATOON -- A snowfall warning has been issued for Saskatoon as snow continues to blanket the city.

Environment Canada is forecasting 10 centimetres of snow to fall on Wednesday.

The snowy conditions began early Wednesday morning, affecting Saskatoon and much of southern Saskatchewan.

"Thursday and Friday we're going to see really cold temperatures, the wind chill dipping towards that minus 30 mark, so that's into the dangerous conditions for frostbite," Environment Canada weather specialist Terri Lang said.

"Next week we really get into the deep freeze," with wind chill temperatures that could reach minus 40, Lang said.

The City of Saskatoon deployed four snow crews made up of 50 staff on Wednesday. Crews spent the morning sanding and salting the streets for traction.

"Our first focus this morning was Circle Drive and making sure that Circle Drive and some other expressways, basically approaching highways into the city, those sections within our city limits," director of roadways, fleet and support Goran Saric said.

By 6 p.m. Wednesday, 34 City and contractor graders were set to move through the City’s busiest streets and into neighbourhoods clearing sidewalk and pathways overnight, Saric said.

"I think those efforts will continue on for at least the next few days," he said.

According to Environment Canada, in addition to the snow, strong winds from the east could gust to between 60 and 70 km/h causing poor visibility.