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Smoke blanketing much of Sask. considered 'very high risk' to health


Wildfire smoke made for poor air quality and reduced visibility in many parts of Saskatchewan on Monday, according to Environment Canada.

On Monday morning, the air quality index in Saskatoon reached 10, which is considered a “high risk” to health, while Regina was considered “very high risk,” because the index surpassed 10.

Environment Canada said health risks increase as smoke levels rise.

Jaimie Peters, a registered nurse with Lung Saskatchewan, recommends anyone at risk stay indoors and take extra precaution.

“We want to make sure that people with lung disease have their medications on hand, are taking those, and are using their rescue medications as needed,” she said.

Peters recommends checking air quality reports before going outside and avoiding the smoke when possible.

“We want to stay away from the smoke as much as we can, right, so that obviously would include staying inside, making sure everything that brings air into your home is closed, such as windows or vents,” she said.

Some people in the Saskatoon area said they are sensitive to the smoke.

“Now that I'm outside, I can definitely notice it, I feel it in my eyes,” Karla Polsfut said.

“I do have severe asthma, so I do notice it significantly in my chest, sore throat, and all the allergies on top of that,” Kelly Weimer said.

Others said they haven’t been affected by it.

“It’s not bad at all today, seems good,” Claire Wandler said.

Environment Canada said the smoke is expected to taper off Monday evening, with low to moderate levels in the forecast for Tuesday. Top Stories

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