SASKATOON -- Tammy Brown’s parents remember their daughter as someone who was determined, driven and generous.

“She was a beautiful, caring person,” mother Gloria Brown said outside Saskatoon’s Court of Queen’s Bench.

“She would help anybody. If you talked to her co-workers and her students they’d tell you how hard they’d work for them.”

Brown taught medical imaging courses at Saskatchewan Polytechnic and was working on rewriting curriculum.

The 39-year-old was found dead, with 80 stab wounds, in her River Heights master bedroom on Jan. 29, 2019.

Brown’s spouse, Blake Schreiner, admitted to killing Brown, but has pleaded not-guilty to first-degree murder.

Schreiner testified he heard voices in his head telling him to kill Brown.

Schreiner’s sister, sister-in-law and mother testified he wasn’t acting like his typical “outgoing” self in the weeks leading to the stabbing.

Schreiner’s family told court he seemed tired, sad and depressed.

Schreiner’s mother said she witnessed her son’s paranoia — referencing a comment Schreiner made about his three-year-old son plotting to hang him with skipping rope.

“That sounded really strange to me,” mother Donna Schreiner testified.

Hours before the stabbing, Shreiner’s sister-in-law, Bryanne Schreiner, testified Schreiner came to her house to visit.

During the visit, Bryanne said Schreiner muttered something and made abnormal head movements.

“Immediately I felt uncomfortable because I’ve never seen him do something like that before,” Schreiner’s sister-in-law testified.

In court, Bryanne held back tears reading text messages between her and Brown.

Brown texted Bryanne that Schreiner’s mental state was “delicate” and Schreiner’s paranoia was “obvious.”

Bryanne asked Brown, “Do you feel safe?”

Brown replied, “I should be ok,” and said she was getting counselling herself about how to de-escalate Schreiner’s paranoia.

Earlier in the trial, Schreiner testified he believed he was going to be killed by the Illuminati secret society — but didn’t tell his family about the voices in his head.

Schreiner’s sister, sister-in-law and mother said they all tried to get Schreiner mental health help.

“I kept saying, ‘Go to the doctor, please, go see somebody,’” sister Melissa Schreiner told court.

Schreiner testified Brown took him to Saskatoon City Hospital and he was scheduled to see a counsellor on Jan. 30, 2019 — the day after Brown was stabbed.

“She cared about Blake, even. She fought to try and help him,” Brown’s father, Bruce, told CTV News outside of court.

The proceedings are adjourned to November. At that time, court is expected to hear from one of the psychiatrists who assessed Schreiner.

Justice Ronald Mills is presiding over the trial.