SASKATOON --  A Saskatchewan couple had an up-close — and prolonged— wildlife encounter after a moose that had been hanging around town decided to spend a couple of days relaxing in their backyard

Earlier this month, the female moose, which came to be known in town as "Molly," had been spotted around Naicam, Sask. for about a week according to Richard Becker.

But after seeing the sights, including a stop at the town's Co-op gas bar, the moose decided to settle in Becker's back yard.

"Well, the meter reader for SaskPower came to read the meter and left my side gate open. So I'm guessing she wandered in that way," Becker said.

However, once she was inside the fence she didn't seem to show any interest in leaving, even with the gate left open.

Sask. Moose"She just seemed inquisitive," Becker said over the phone from his home.

The moose seemed especially interested in one area of the yard in particular, according to Becker.

"She was chewing on the wife's plants. I guess we'll see in the spring how much she ate."

Becker said he and his wife Peggy ended up spending much of the day observing their visitor from the comfort of their living room.

Sask. moose

"My wife went to look out our big picture window at the back to see where the moose was and here the moose was looking at her. It was friendly."

Eventually, the moose decided it was time for some shut-eye.

"She just laid down and went to sleep."

After the moose continued to linger for another day, Becker decided it was time to get some help and contacted a Ministry of Environment field office.

Sask. mooseIt wasn't until a conservation officer arrived and started digging a path through the snow to encourage "Molly" to walk out of Becker's gate on her own, the moose demonstrated she could have easily left anytime she wanted.

"She jumped over the fence … she just jumped over," Becker said.

While their visitor has moved on, she's left the couple with plenty of memories. And as Becker suspects, likely something else.

"I suppose she left me some fertilizer too."