SASKATOON -- Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) has told a family it will renovate and finish a bedroom and bathroom after home modifications allegedly went awry.

The Olson family, from near Blackstrap Lake, has filed two statements of claims against SGI for allegedly not completing modifications to their home and administering benefits for their son, who became a quadriplegic in a 2015 car crash.

SGI’s letter, provided by the family, states it will renovate and finish a bedroom and bathroom for Conrad Olson, including but not limited to necessary plumbing, electrical work, flooring, wall tiles and interior finish. SGI will also complete supply and installation of a three-stop custom wheelchair elevator.

“We didn’t believe it at first, we read it a few times to make sure we knew what was going on and it was a sigh of relief, it’s a start but there’s still a lot of other issues that need to be resolved out here,” said Brenda Olson, Conrad’s mother.

Conrad says it’s a good feeling but isn’t happy with how long it took to get a response from SGI.

“It should be good, I hope it goes good. I guess I’m still a little shocked myself because every chapter we tried going through with them they always said ‘no’” Conrad said.

“It’ll give me a chance to move on and have a life in a wheelchair.”

Brenda says the family will still be moving forward with the lawsuit because they say there are other alleged outstanding issues that need to be addressed such as benefits and “lack of good faith.”

The statement of defense documents from SGI dispute the claims made by the family including how the contractor was hired.