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See the breathtaking play that led to the Huskies 1990 Vanier Cup win

A championship game involving the Huskies taking on the Huskies. Yep, it’s happened before.

The day was Nov. 24 1990, the stadium was still called Skydome in Toronto, and the Saskatchewan Huskies, were trying to win their first ever Vanier Cup against the St. Mary's Huskies.

It was a game that involved some crazy plays, and came down to the final minutes.

The Huskies came out on fire with a 78-yard drive that ended in a touchdown run by Rob Symchyck. That was followed up with a 13-yard touchdown catch by Dan Farthing.

However, three-time Hec Creighton trophy winner Chris Flynn and the St. Mary's Huskies would tie the game up with two straight touchdowns of their own, courtesy of receiver Matt Nealon.

Saskatchewan would get another major from a 9-yard run to restore the 10 point lead.

But St. Mary’s would once again close the gap with a 20 yard touchdown pass.

With Saskatchewan up by three, late in the fourth quarter, and St. Mary’s with the ball, the defence would need to step up for the green and white.

And they did — by forcing a fumble, and after a few bounces, recovering it and sealing the victory for Saskatchewan.

You can see the breathtaking play for yourself using the player at the stop of this story.

The U of S Huskies would win their first Vanier cup 24-21.

It wasen't long after that, that receiver Dan Farthing would get the call to the CFL. He would be drafted the next year by the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and would go onto an 11 year career with the team. Top Stories

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