Jenna Singbeil is not losing hope.

Her sister, Kandice Singbeil, has been missing for more than two months.

“Kandice is the strongest person I know, and so I know if she is in trouble, she would definitely put up a fight or find her way out,” Jenna says.

Kandice was last seen riding her bike on the 200 block of Third Avenue South just after 1 a.m. on May 26. Saskatoon police say she leads a high-risk lifestyle.

“Substance abuse is an illness and criminal association and domestic violence are a direct result of that lifestyle,” says Jenna. “Those are challenges that our family has faced with Kandice for many years.”

Kandice is a mother of two, a daughter, a sister and a friend, says Jenna. Her youngest daughter is just five months old. Her eight-year-old son is asking questions.

Her family has so far explored numerous scenarios. An unconfirmed tip suggests Kandice may have been forced into human trafficking, according to her sister.

“Coming into this, I was extremely naïve about what kinds of things happen on the streets, and it’s just very scary.”

The police’s major crime unit became involved early in the investigation and has since received tips about possible sightings in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Those looking for her think there are people who aren’t speaking up.

“Somebody doesn’t just vanish with no trace without somebody knowing something,” says Kelsie Fraser, Saskatoon police spokesperson.

A woman running a Facebook page aimed at finding Singbeil recently set up an anonymous tip line, hoping those who may be uneasy about calling police will come forward.

Police prefer tipsters call Crime Stoppers.