Search teams from across the province scoured the South Saskatchewan River today looking for any sign of Hamza al Sharief, the University of Saskatchewan student who went missing back in December.

The teams were called in to help expand the search north of the city.

Ray Unrau, the city emergency measures coordinator, says the investigation is still active. "There is an ongoing interest from the family obviously, so we want to make sure that we're doing everything we can to give them closure and help the city police closed the file."

Al Sharief is a chemical engineering student. Back in December, he wrote one of his final exams, and was never heard from again.

Police have a jacket they believe was worn by al Sharief. It was found near the river around the time he disappeared.

"We have no real background other than what's known, so what we're doing is extending the search that has already been started. The police are doing this ongoing this is just additional support," says Unrau.

Over 50 searchers participated from four different search and rescue teams across the province. The Royal Canadian Navy even took part by providing reservists from the HMCS unicorn.

Jeff Baxter worked with the Saskatoon ground search team. "We do have some boats that are helping us out to get to some areas we can't get to but the majority of what we're looking at is from the water into the flood zone."

The search extended up to the River's Edge community north of Wanuskewin Heritage Park.