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Scammers target nighttime staff at Saskatoon stores by posing as callers from 'corporate headquarters'

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Police in Saskatoon are warning of a scam that targets workers at retail stores and businesses — particularly those who staff later shifts.

The Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) economic crime unit "has received multiple files in recent weeks" regarding the scams, according to a news release.

The scammers call nighttime workers and claim to be calling from "corporate headquarters" and try to convince them a manager has authorized a shipment or payment.

SPS said the callers claim the store will be closed if the payment isn't made.

The payment is usually requested in gift cards or Bitcoin, SPS said.

"Payments requested via gift cards or cryptocurrency are most likely a scam," SPS said.

Police suggest staff should confirm any authorizations for payments with their manager. Top Stories

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