Police are warning the public of a scam that claims to offer a refund from SaskTel.

The Saskatoon Police Service issued a news release Friday, stating the scam, which is initiated through a text message, has been circulating in the province. The message claims to be from SaskTel and explains that the customer has been overbilled.

One version of the scam tells the customer the refund will be revealed on their next bill and directs the customer to a link to confirm. Another version directs the customer to a link, telling them they can receive the refund through a direct deposit.

The customer is then taken through steps of sending money, under the pretense they’ll receive the refund.

According to Saskatoon police, money should never be sent to unverified sources. Links from an unverified source should not be clicked, and anyone who receives such a message should delete the text and contact their service provider.