SASKATOON -- Julia Adamson was door knocking to raise money for the maintenance of George Genereux Urban Regional Park on the southwestern edge of the city, when she heard something surprising.

 "The people that we talked to said 'Oh no, you cannot be preserving this George Genereux Urban Regional Park, because my friends go out bow and arrow hunting there all the time,'” she said.

 The park lies within the boundaries of the City of Saskatoon, and that makes Adamson concerned about safety.

 "There are people coming out to these areas doing bio-blitzes, there's a university class doing research out here,” she said. “Why should they be worried about when they have to come out because hunting is allowed in the city."

In an emailed statement to CTV News from the city's solicitor Cindy Yelland, she says while there is currently no specific bylaw pertaining to hunting within city limits, provincial legislation would apply.

"The city does not have a bylaw provision that specifically prohibits hunting on city land. However, pursuant to provincial legislation, anyone wishing to do so would need permission," Yelland said.

According to Yelland, the city has never been asked for granted permission to an individual wishing to hunt.

Kevin Kopp has been a bowhunter for 30 years and said if hunting is done safely and within regulations, he has no problem with it.

 "The law is the law, some people are for it and some are against it, but that's why people ask permission.”

 Kopp said the area around Saskatoon has had hunting "forever."

 “The city is growing however. If it’s done safely, done within the regulations which is within a certain distance from homes, dwellings, archery only, it can be very safe.”

 “I wouldn't want anyone hunting on circle drive or 8th street or in the backyards obviously, but in that rural part, you know Calgary has quite a rural area, Saskatoon has quite a rural area, Regina has quite a rural city limit area, and there's hunting in all of those places."

 Adamson has written a letter to Saskatoon City Council addressing the situation.

 "I'm hoping to suggest that the City of Saskatoon adapts such a bylaw just to make a blanket statement 'No hunting within the city of Saskatoon.' so we can all feel nice and safe."