SASKATOON -- Mabel Wiley is getting used to cleaning up water in her basement.

The 85-year-old, who has lived in her Mayfair neighbourhood home for almost 45 years, has experienced three floods since March.

“It is pretty hard and very frustrating. We don’t know why it’s happening,” she said.

Wiley has lost furniture, electronics and personal family photos. One flood, on March 15, reached the top of her basement ceiling, she said.

Each time Wiley submitted an insurance claim she reached out to the same restoration company, Service Master Restore, for help.

On the other end of those phone calls was Waneta Goldstein. The two women soon became friends, and Goldstein has been helping Wiley clean up after each flood.

“I guess I have a big heart, I understand the devastation when people go through something like this, I myself had something like this happen and I just really want to help people like Mabel," said Goldstein.

Goldstein says her company called the city each time Wiley’s home flooded hoping for answers and a resolution.

“I don't know what to believe, I just know for a senior lady living on her own it is very devastating for this to go over and over again," said Goldstein.

The city says it's aware of the two previous floods involving a leaking fire hydrant and water main break, however because of an active insurance claim, the city couldn't provide more details.

Wiley added that she hopes the problem can be resolved however says she'll stay positive no matter what.

“I'm a tough cookie. I'll be okay and get through this.”