SASKATOON -- In a city known for its river valley and trail system, following the rules during physical distancing could pose some challenges.

With warmer spring temperatures on the weekend many in Saskatoon were out enjoying the outdoors, but for some it’s not a breath of fresh air.

One woman who lives along the river in the downtown put a post out on social media which got a lot of response.

Azna Groenewald posted that she’s “concerned that we may need to close the Meewasin trail due to the hustle and bustle in spite of our province being in a state of emergency during a pandemic and trying to contain the spread of COVID-19.”

Groenewald took notice Sunday when the temperature got into the double digits.

“I'm watching it get busier and busier right in front of my apartment,” she told CTV News.

She clarified in the post saying she loves the outdoors and needs fresh air and exercise and that her concern didn’t just come from one day of seeing the activity in the river valley.

She also observed that people out on the trails made every effort to give others a two-metre passing distance, but with our spring conditions it was apparent that it’s difficult.

“With the ice and the snow, they can’t get far enough away from each other. People are really trying their best, but there’s big puddles, snow and mud.”

She’s been observing that even with the best intentions to maintain the correct distance, when people come out in family groups for example, the paths are only so wide and they get too close.”

She adds in the post on Facebook that she has no desire to make life difficult or less enjoyable, but we are in a war. These are just not normal times.

The City of Vancouver has closed parks in addition to playgrounds. The Saskatchewan government walks are permitted if a person is asymptomatic and can maintain the required distance of two meters at all times. People should avoid all shared surfaces such as crosswalk buttons and shared spaces such as elevators.

The City of Saskatoon is keeping trails, dog parks and public squares around civic buildings open.