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Saskatoon Ward 7 council member Mairin Loewen won't seek re-election


Saskatoon Ward 7 councillor Mairin Loewen announced on Tuesday that she is not seeking re-election in the upcoming municipal election.

“It’s been a true privilege to serve alongside my dedicated Council colleagues and City administration. I’ve now run in four municipal elections, and in 2020, my family and I decided that it would be my last one,” she said in a statement.

Loewen’s decision adds to the list of departing council members, including Mayor Charlie Clark, David Kirton of Ward 3, Sarina Gersher of Ward 8, and Hilary Gough of Ward 2.

Loewen has represented the residents of Ward 7 since 2011.

She said as her family life evolves into a new era of activities and commitments, “it’s increasingly challenging to strike the right balance and fit with the demands and expectations of council work.”

Loewen said she is committed to serving the rest of this term and will remain in the role until November 2024.

“Being a city councillor is challenging and rewarding, and I’m proud of the progress that Saskatoon has seen during my time in office,” she said.

“There is always more to be done, and some work left unfinished, but I am confident that the next council will meet these challenges and continue to build a bright future for our city.”

Saskatoon voters head to the polls on November 13. Top Stories


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