The journey of Emmanuel Yusuf and Grayson Isley to starting their own clothing company began with a simple message.

“I got a text from Grayson, like, ‘yo, have you thought of doing a brand?’ I was like, ‘yo, yeah! I was actually thinking about it,’” Yusuf said.

With the help from Isley’s mom, the two found a supplier to buy and make the bunny-hugs and nearly two months later Bridge City Clothing was born.

“We are seeing the other brands grow throughout Saskatoon and we thought we could just do that too," Isley told CTV News.

The two focused on making items affordable for anyone who wanted to buy a bunny hug, charging $40 each - nearly half the cost of a brand name bunny hug.

The group has sold more than 100 items and are receiving orders from British Columbia and Manitoba.

"There was some people who were like, ‘yo, y'all are young. Like, you're not going anywhere with this.’ Now we're on the news, and business is booming," Yusuf said.

The Grade 12 students from Bethlehem High School plan to expand into making sweatshirts in the fall and hats next spring.