SASKATOON -- Saskatoon musician Eden Hegedus, 14, released her first single Save Me this spring after two years of writing it about a personal experience with a friend.

Hegedus was 12 at the time when a friend confided in her, inspiring her to start writing the song that discusses what she said are important issues such as peer pressure, anxiety, and bullying.

"I remember her coming to me and I was so shocked that this was going on. It was a really hard day," Hegedus said.

"I wanted to write ‘Save Me’ to let her know that somebody heard her, and somebody was listening, and somebody was there for her."

The music video shows three stories about high school students facing difficult situations - something that hit close to home for Hegedus as she just finished Grade 8 and is about to go to high school.

"I definitely want to be an advocate for my age group. As a teenager I can help inspire other teenagers my age and it’s more relatable," Hegedus said.

The song has more than 5,200 views so far, something Hegedus is happy with as she hopes the song can reach as many people as possible.

"I think that just by knowing that other people are facing the same things that you’re facing really helps and helps provide a sense of comfort," Hegedus said.