Free hot dogs and burgers were handed out as hundreds hung out at Victoria park on Labour Day.

The barbecue lunch was put on by the Saskatoon and district Labour Council.

Council President Kelly Harrington was happy to see the crowd grow as the grills fired up.

“Within ten minutes of getting the barbecue going we’ve had of course hundreds of people here,” said Harrington. In really good moods and really thankful for an event where they can come down and just learn about a few things and participate in some good food an activities.”

Organizers said they were worried about rain while setting up, but the skies cleared as hundreds came out to Victoria Park.

Harrington was especially pleased how this year went, and was thrilled with the turnout.

“There’s a lot going on here today and it’s just a pleasure to be here with all the people and talk with folks. It’s a real good sense of comradery.”