SASKATOON -- The City of Saskatoon will seek the public's input as part of a review process that could lead to lowered speed limits in some Saskatoon neighbourhoods.

"Road safety is a shared responsibility. Many cities across Canada, and the world, have successfully implemented reduced speed limits in their jurisdictions," transportation director Jay Magus said in a City of Saskatoon news release.

City administration is set to present its "roadmap" for reviewing speed limits to city councillors during a transportation committee meeting scheduled for Monday.

As part of the review, members of the public will be able to weigh in online and provide feedback about residential speed limits.

"Before making any changes, we want to inform, educate, and get meaningful feedback from citizens in order to make the right decisions," Magus said.

A potential outcome of the review is that speed limits in some residential areas could drop from 50 km/h to either 40 or 30 km/h.

Speed limits could also be altered in school zones, near playgrounds and areas with a high number of seniors.

Speed limit changes on major arterial roads are not being considered as part of the review, the city said.