SASKATOON -- Over the last three days, volunteers with the World Sikh Aid Foundation in Saskatoon have been delivering food free of charge to people who can’t get out or afford to buy their own groceries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manny Sadhra, president of the local World Sikh Aid Foundation, said the response has been good, with deliveries going to five or six different houses each day.

This time is critical around the world, as some people can’t leave their homes and some can’t afford to order from restaurants, he said.

“So, that’s why we think this is the right time for helping the people."

Balpreet Singh, a member of the World Sikh Aid Foundation, said this generosity stems from their religion.

“You should share your earnings with the community, so that’s why we are helping the people during this time. In our Sikh temples all over the world there is a free kitchen where anybody can come at any time regardless of their gender, religion, economic status or ethnicity to eat free food,” Singh said.

Food being delivered includes pizza, noodles and bread, among other things.

Sadhra said he has a volunteer team made up of people who are taking calls, cooking and making deliveries.

He also said they’re taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of germs.

“We’re using gloves, masks and social distancing from the people and tell my volunteers to take all the precautions with safety,” Sadhra said.

He said he hopes to help more people in Saskatoon, adding the organization has the capacity to deliver food to 40 or 50 houses each day.

“As long as there’s a good response and people need it, there’s no time limit. We are willing to deliver every day until COVID-19 goes away or a couple months after,” Sadhra said.

People who are looking to get a delivery can contact Sadhra and his team via Facebook or give them a call.