SASKATOON -- There was lots of breaking news at a Saskatoon seniors' home, as residents created a newscast for their friends and families.

The St. Ann’s Senior Citizens’ Village broadcast was posted on the facility’s Facebook page in April.

The broadcast features one-on-one interviews, residents reporting the weather from different parts of the building, a sports segment and an on-location report — where a resident demands answers from a construction worker about renovations in the building. 

“What’s happening? Well Shirley, we’re replacing ceiling tile right now,” the contractor responds, laughing. 

St. Ann’s interview

In March, the province restricted non-essential visitors to long-term care homes, in an effort to reduce COVID-19 transmission. 

Carla Eager, the recreation director at the facility, said the newscast was a way for residents to connect with their loved ones. 

“We wanted to give the families, who weren’t able to visit, a way to keep connected to their loved ones,” Eager told CTV News. 

She said the residents and staff watched real TV broadcasts for inspiration. 

“The residents loved to see themselves on video. Families appreciated seeing their loved ones, as well,” Eager said, adding that residents hope to do another broadcast in the future.