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Saskatoon sees 'significant increase' in ER visits due to kids' respiratory issues

According to the province's health authority, more kids are ending up in the emergency room due to respiratory issues compared to the same period last year.

"Respiratory illness continues to impact services at sites across the province," a statement from the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) said.

"Saskatoon has seen an increasing number of children with respiratory issues, and a significant increase in overall visits compared to this time last year," the statement said.

While the research team monitoring the city's wastewater for signs of COVID-19 has detected some of the highest levels of the pandemic, the SHA said the increase in visits is not necessarily COVID-19-related.

"Viruses other than COVID-19 can lead to high numbers of children seeking care," the SHA said.

Even though the increase in emergency visits can not be definitively linked to an increase in COVID-19 cases, the SHA suggested taking similar preventive measures.

"As with COVID-19, measures including staying home when sick, washing hands, physical distancing, and use of masks will help reduce the spread of all viruses," the SHA statement said. 

--With files from Keenan Sorokan Top Stories

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