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Saskatoon’s Ward 2 council member Hilary Gough won’t seek re-election


As Saskatoon's official campaign period begins, another city council member bows out of the race.

Hilary Gough of Ward 2 announced her decision not to seek re-election on Friday, just ahead of the June 1 campaign kick-off.

“The opportunity to represent the residents of Ward 2 for the last eight years has been a true honour. I am grateful to every person who I have had the opportunity to work alongside to build a stronger and more equitable Saskatoon,” she said in a statement.

Gough has represented Ward 2 residents for the last eight years. She first secured her seat in 2016 and was re-elected in 2020.

Her decision adds to the list of departing council members, including Mayor Charlie Clark, David Kirton of Ward 3, and Serina Gersher of Ward 8.

Saskatoon voters will head to the polls on November 13th to choose their next representatives.

Gough says the city is progressing in many ways and she is proud to have supported the efforts to achieve progresses.

“Our city is progressing in many ways: by addressing aging infrastructure, improving sustainability, expanding active transportation networks, modernizing our transit system, and building a new central library, to name a few,” she said. Top Stories


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