Saskatoon’s airport continues to fly high.

Skyxe saw over 1.6 million customers come through its doors in 2017, which is a 0.7 per cent increase from 2016, and just behind its record year in 2014.

“This is good news,” said Stephen Maybury, Skyxe’s president and CEO. “We’re forecasting about a two per cent increase in overall numbers for 2018 as well.”

Maybury says staff are hard at work to make the airport better-suited for the increased demand.

“We’re working consistently to increase capacity, investing in our assets. We’ve done a lot of work in what we call pre-security, so the parking experience, and making check-ins easier as well.”

The airport is also working on their baggage system, which will help fliers both drop off and pick up their luggage in a more efficient manner.

“That’s kind of behind the magic wall, so to speak,” said Maybury. “We’ll be doing construction on that this year.”

Skyxe is the number one ranked Canadian airport for guests departing on time — designated as departing within 15 minutes of schedule — according to OAG Flightview.