SASKATOON -- One of Saskatoon’s oldest heritage sites is looking for donors to help fund repairs for the building.

The 137-year-old Marr Residence needs a new roof after damage was found in 2020 but the city has struggled to find funding.

Board chair Della Marshall said once the roof and other minor issues are dealt with, the house should be in good shape.

“Our plan is to do a little bit of a donor campaign,” said Marshall. “We’ve worked with the city and we are going to be able to have the city give anyone who makes a donation to the Marr Residence a charitable donation receipt.”

City archivist Jeff O’Brien said if repairs can’t be made, losing a historical site like this would be a major loss for the city.

“Saskatoon loses this direct physical link, not only to our architectural heritage 150 years ago, but to a critical moment of the past,” said O’Brien.

The Marr Residence is the second oldest home in Saskatoon but is the only one accessible to the public.