SASKATOON -- If you're looking for a cheap one-bedroom apartment, Saskatoon may be the place to be.

The city ranks as 23rd on a list of 24 Canadian cities compiled in this month's PadMapper Canadian Rent Report.

At an average price of $880, which is a year-over-year drop of 2.2 per cent, Saskatoon is sandwiched between Quebec and St. John's.

Toronto tops the list at $2,180, followed by Vancouver at $2,100.

The report found that 80 per cent of Canadian cities had flat or negative monthly rent price changes.

"As many renters nationwide suffered financial setbacks from the pandemic, rents throughout Canada have been faced with downward pressure post-COVID and this will only continue in the coming months," the report says.

Landlords will need to reduce prices or offer incentives such as a free month's rent to fill vacancies, according to PadMapper.

PadMapper is an online rental search platform. Its report analyzes rental data from hundreds of thousands of active listings across the country.