A Saskatoon roofing company finished the first year of its giveaway contest, providing a new roof for a Martensville family.

Over the past four years, Scott Roofing gave out roofs through a draw at the Saskatoon Homestyle show – but this year decided through a contest called Scott Roofsgiving.

They received nearly 50 nominations, owner and operator Scott Landru said.

"We had the very difficult decision to narrow it down to three people, and then we had to narrow it down to one. So, it was a tough call to do because there's a lot of people who can't afford it an are in need."

The homeowner, a single mother of five, declined an interview but according to Scott and his wife, Leslie, she appreciates the new roof.

According to Scott, she had five different people nominate her, needing a new roof badly after hers began leaking.

"Oh it feels wonderful. It really does, to be able to do something like this," Leslie said.

"Sadly, there is only one winner, because to be honest there a lot of people who do need and are deserving of that."

Employee Chuck Nichol was happy to be a part, he said.

"I feel real good about it." Scott said. "It's just our way of giving back to the community."

BP Canada and Enercon Products donated the materials and Trusted Saskatoon ran the contest on Facebook and its website.

Scott hopes to run the event in future years, but said if they do it will be during a warmer month of the year.