SASKATOON -- The City of Saskatoon is encouraging residents to reassess their bubbles after the city reported increased COVID-19 activity.

On Oct. 8, for the first time since June, the city held a media conference updating the public on the current COVID-19 landscape in Saskatoon.

“I want to bring home that we’re seeing an increase in Saskatoon and it’s unfortunate to see that, but it’s not unexpected,” said Dr. Jasmine Hasselback, medical health officer with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

“We’re seeing too much of our new cases not being expected or explained. We’re not able to explain what’s going on and those altogether are concerning trends that we’ll monitor.”

Hasselback added the absolute number of unexplained cases isn’t large enough to see a trend, but it’s an indicator of where things are going.

Mayor Charlie Clark recommended residents download the COVID-19 Alert App. Users will be notified if someone with whom they’ve come into contact later tests positive.

The application uses Bluetooth rather than GPS and doesn’t collect personal information.