SASKATOON -- Saskatoon city council’s approval of a plan to extend bike lanes for $6.2 million that will run eight blocks from 8th Street to Taylor Street on Victoria Avenue has some residents in Buena Vista launching a petition.

The petition, which had garnered more than 600 signatures as of Wednesday afternoon, claims the project will decrease property values and affect side street parking in the surrounding areas.

Linda Walker who lives in the neighbourhood said she’s torn on the issue but said the lanes will be safe for cyclists.

“I don’t think Victoria was the right stretch to pick to extend the bike lanes.”

Walker said one of the selling points of Buena Vista is that it’s an older neighbourhood and the trees add value.

“There are gorgeous majestic heritage trees on this street that no one wants to touch, and we won’t,” said Ward 6 city councillor Cynthia Block, who voted in favour of the lane extension.

Block said bike lanes are inexpensive to create but it’s shrinking the medians in the middle of the road that drives up the price.

Steven Ross Smith cycles up and down Victoria Avenue everyday and said it’s a great street to ride on and the lanes are a great idea.

He said motorists don’t give people a lot of room and that drivers aren’t aware of how big their vehicle is compared to cyclists.

“A bike lane definitely makes things safer for sure.”

While the bike lanes have been approved in principle, council is still awaiting funding to greenlight the project and construction won’t start for at least two years, according to Block.