Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan are looking into the benefits of cannabis as a treatment for dementia.

The research is focused on how CBD could help with mood symptoms that can occur among people with dementia, like anxiety and aggressiveness.

“We don’t think, at least not now, that CBD could help cure Alzheimers or reverse any memory loss,” said Darrell Mousseau, research chair in Alzheimers and related dementia at the U of S. “What we’re hoping for is that CBD can be useful for managing some of the other symptoms.”

According to Mousseau, the research will use cannibidiol, and not THC – the chemical in cannabis that creates a high.

“(Cannibidiol) seems to have all sorts of wonderful, therapeutic benefits to it and so that’s the one we’re more interested in,” said Mousseau.

At the Sherbrooke Community Centre, Deb Schick, leader for professional practice, said anxiety is common among their residents with dementia.

She said the centre would be open to trying different types of treatment.

“We’re excited to see the results (of the research) and hope that they have really good success for our folks,” Schick said.

The U of S signed a collaborative research agreement with Sundial Growers for the next three years. Part of the research will include testing at two extended-care facilities in Saskatoon.