SASKATOON -- The Saskatoon Racing Canoeing Club is preparing to dip its oars back into the water for the upcoming 2021 season.

"Very exciting to get back on the water, definitely fun and entertaining to be doing stuff indoors, but couldn't be happier to get back on the waters," said racing club member Dominic Tarasoff.

While the club hasn't hit the waters yet, the nice weather has them close.

Tarasoff and other rowers say it's been a long year as the crew couldn't compete last season.

"We were definitely impacted for sure, but I'm definitely excited to hopefully get back to some kind of normal."

Last year the club had no real competitions besides a mutual training day with the Wascana Club from Regina.

"It's like anybody else in sports. It's without that ability to get together, get together with your peers and across the region and those social relationships. All of that has been difficult," said head coach Rob Sleeth.

Sleeth has been with the club for five years and knows the members have been working hard.

"There's lots of minutes of training for every minute of racing and that's obviously compounded with COVID not allowing us to race."

But with the rollout of vaccines, Sleeth is optimistic the tide is turning. He's hopeful the club could be out training on the water by April 10.