Saskatoon Police Service officers used Tasers 33 times last year. Reports of most of these incidents are included in the Saskatchewan Police Commission 2018-2019 annual report. From a dog fight to a man armed with an axe, here’s what happened in five of them. Click here to read the full annual report.

'Blood spots on the counter'

After responding to a reported domestic dispute, officers heard a female inside a home screaming for someone to drop an axe. Once inside, they saw fresh blood spots on the counter and floor and then came face to face with a male holding an axe who did not respond when ordered to drop it. One SPS member fired a Taser, but despite the probes making contact, it was not effective. The male threw the axe down and pulled out the Taser probes. Officers were then able to gain physical control and take him into custody.

'Brandishing a utility knife'

SPS officers responded to a complaint of a male brandishing a utility knife and refusing to put it down. One officer began talking to him and he put the knife to his own throat while advancing on the officers. Fearing that the subject posed a threat to himself and themselves, two officers fired Tasers. The male was then taken into custody and taken to hospital for assessment.

Dog fight deescalated

Officers came across two dogs engaged in a fight with three adults and a child trying to separate them and gain control without success. Concerned for the well-being of the dogs and for those nearby trying to take control, one officer fired a Taser, which stopped the dogfight, allowing the owners to take control of their respective dogs. Neither dog was hurt.

'Lunged' at gun

On a statutory holiday, an officer was taking a male in custody to appear before a Justice of the Peace in the SPS detention centre because Provincial Court was closed. As he was leaving the holding room, he lunged at the officer’s gun in an effort to take it from its holster. The officer managed to take the subject’s hand from the gun and then drew it, pointing it at the subject and instructing him to stay back. The subject continued moving toward the member aggressively. Another officer fired a Taser and the subject was taken under control.

'Let’s do this'

Officers responded to reports of two incidents where a male subject had entered businesses, stolen items and threatened staff. Officers found him and he fled on foot. When officers tried to arrest him, he tore his sweatshirt, balled both hands into fists and moved toward the members stating, “let’s do this then.” One member fired a Taser and he was taken into custody.