It’s a day to pinch a friend if they’re not wearing a certain shade of green and it’s a day to party, but as Saskatoon police are urging, St. Patrick’s Day should not be a day to drink and drive.

The Saskatoon Police Service has asked bar-goers to plan ahead before having a few alcoholic drinks.

“We just want to encourage those people that might even have it in the back of their mind that it might be OK to drive drunk under certain circumstances, just to rethink that and to have that safe ride and plan to have somebody sober pick them up if they plan to drink this evening,” Cst. Ryan Ehalt said.

St. Pat’s partiers should designate a driver and plan ahead for a safe ride home if they plan to drink.

Experienced drivers caught behind the wheel with a blood-alcohol content over .04 will face at least a three-day licence suspension and vehicle impoundment, Ehalt said. Drivers caught over .08 could face criminal charges.

Officers will be keeping an eye out on St. Patrick’s Day for impaired drivers and will pay close attention to areas across the city busy with traffic or people.