The Saskatoon Police Service is taking to their social media accounts to answer the public’s questions about marijuana.

“(Social media is) where we can really reach a mass amount of people,” spokeswoman Kelsie Fraser said.

“We have a very large following on social media, and we have been receiving some questions in the weeks and months leading up to legalization – but we really wanted to give people an opportunity to ask their questions.”

The goal of the campaign is to educate the public before the legalization of marijuana on Oct. 17. Police will be using their Twitter and Facebook accounts to go over the new marijuana laws and to answer any questions people might have.

“We’ve been inundated with questions on Facebook predominantly, Twitter’s been a little bit quieter,” Fraser said. “But, we’re hoping to also provide more information that maybe hasn’t been asked – that people haven’t considered.”

Social media posts on Friday were focused on traffic and impaired driving, while posts on Tuesday will answer Criminal Code questions.

According to Fraser, the legalization of marijuana is going to be a shift in the way things are done, and social media was the best way for the police to help the public understand what will and won’t be legal.