Police Chief Troy Cooper says the force is doing all it can when it comes to enforcement against unlicensed marijuana outlets.

Earlier this month, police raided an unlicensed cannabis outlet on Second Avenue South for the third time in three months. 

“First of all, I think it’s the only overt illicit cannabis outlet in Saskatchewan. And so we’re using all the tools available to us and trying to be as creative as we can in finding other partners to address the issue if it should occur in the future” Cooper said Thursday following a Board of Police Commissioners meeting.

When asked if there was anything more police could do, Cooper said the latest raid on the store is still part of an active investigation.

The manager of a legal pot retailer expressed frustration in a letter to city council over the issue of illegal cannabis stores. 

‘The seven legal cannabis retailers had to jump through all the hoops and continue to abide by all laws,’ the letter reads. ‘A $20,000 business license was required to be paid and yet we have places still selling illegally every day. We have hired 14 people and pay them well. All of our employees are citizens of Saskatoon and are concerned for their jobs. I would like to know what is being done to stop the illegal operators.’

Mayor Charlie Clark says he’s aware of the concerns.

“I understand the concern about a market that still has these kinds of shops popping up selling cannabis, but without a license,” Clark said Thursday. He added the city doesn’t get involved in the specifics of police operations but said he supports the continued strategy of the police service.

Cooper says the police are working with other partners to combat the problem. 

“We’re working with the city. We’re working with the province.  And I think we will find a successful resolution to this issue.”