Saskatoon Police are calling it one of their largest drug busts in history. Seven people have been arrested, two from Saskatoon and five from British Columbia.

Officers started their investigation three months ago. The operation was what police call a 'dial-a-dope.' That's where a person who is looking for drugs calls a certain phone number, then arranges delivery of the drugs.

In the final stages of the investigation police searched eight homes and one vehicle. They seized one and a half kilograms of cocaine, also ecstasy, marijuana, and 29 grams of heroin. Two pistols and a sawed-off shotgun were also found.

"When you put everything together, the amount of cocaine, heroine, we haven't seen here in quantities like this for years and years. Over 1, 600 ecstacy pills, quarter million dollars in cash, guns, brass knuckles and everything else - so pretty significant for Saskatoon," says Sgt. Dean Hoover with the Saskatoon Integrated Drug Unit.

The two people from Saskatoon who are under arrest are Daniel Turchyn and Beverly Shatilla. They were remanded in custody until their next court appearance on Monday. The five other people who were arrested are from British Columbia.