SASKATOON -- Police are continuing their investigation into Saskatoon’s third homicide of the year.

Wednesday, 28-year-old Ally Witchekan was found dead inside a home in the city's Hampton Village neighbourhood. Now, police say they’re looking for a 29-year-old man who might have valuable information that could aid investigators.

Ivan ‘Roberto’ Martell is described as standing 5’9” and weighs 200 pounds. Martell has brown eyes and a brush cut hair style. He also has a mole on his cheek, and tattoos of a crown and a Latin phrase on his neck.

Ivan Martell

A close family member CTV News spoke with says Martell and Witchekan had been in a romantic relationship. 

On Thursday, police said Witchekan's SUV was found abandoned in the northwest area of Saskatoon. 

Anyone with information is asked to call the Saskatoon Police Service or Crime Stoppers.