SASKATOON -- The Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) is aiming to increase safety and reduce crime with new exchange zones in visitor parking spaces at police headquarters.

They offer a place for community members to meet and exchange items and payment after arranging the transaction from buy and sell sites, according to a police news release.

“By implementing a Buy and Sell Exchange Zone, the Saskatoon Police Service saw an opportunity to improve community safety and provide a dedicated space to conduct legal buy and sell transactions. Our goal is to prevent buy and sell frauds and reduce the number of citizens being victimized by this kind of fraudulent activity,” Staff Sgt. Matt Bradford of the Economic Crime Section said.

While police respond to criminal matters, they are unable to help in negotiating civil property transactions.

Police suggest the following precautions:

  • Meet in a well-lit, non-secluded, public place like SPS Headquarters
  • Bring someone with you
  • Only pay for the product once you have viewed it and met the seller
  • Conduct transactions in cash; avoid using cheques and money wiring services
  • Report theft, fraud or suspicious activity to the buy and sell website and police
  • Ensure the item you are purchasing is not stolen property by using CPIC