SASKATOON -- The Saskatoon Personal Care Home Association says the provincial government has left facilities in the private sector “stranded” during the pandemic.

Myrna Varga, the president of the association, says she’s tried reaching the government for weeks — hoping to get direction about updated COVID-19 protocols — but has yet to receive direction from the province.

“I feel nobody’s there for us,” Varga tells CTV News.

“We haven’t had any pandemic information since July. I feel that’s unacceptable.”

Varga says she wants answers about: how outdoor visits will work in the winter, rules about Christmas visits, whether designated visitors can be from out-of-province, if residents can wear cloth masks and whether groceries brought into care homes need to be sanitized.

The association president says there used to be Saskatoon-based government consultants the private sector could turn to when they had questions.

Now, Varga says, there are only two consultants in Regina.

“I just want the best for our seniors … and we need to know more,” Varga says.

CTV News has contacted the province for comment.