SASKATOON -- As snow-removal crews begin tackling large piles of snow left in the wake of a massive November snowstorm, the city is reminding residents to keep children away from them.

Saskatoon was hit with 35 centimetres of snow in early November large. Clearing efforts resulted in snow piles on neighbourhood streets which made some local roads impassable.

Now, as the city moves ahead with an aggressive snow-removal schedule, any snow forts or tunnels created in these large snow piles may pose a risk to child safety.

In a statement from the City of Saskatoon, parents are asked to keep children off the snow piles accumulated along boulevards and mediasn as well as windrows piled on the sides of streets.

“Please don’t allow children to build tunnels through snow piles; the piles can collapse, and the weight of that snow could be very dangerous,” the city said.

Parents have taken to Facebook asking neighbours to dismantle any snow forts or tunnels as snow-removal contractors begin taking snow away from local streets.

According to the city, removing snow piles from all 66 neighbourhoods is expected to take contractors until the end of January to complete.

Attention Parents : The city is starting to remove the snow from the city streets. If your a parent please destroy...

Posted by Eric Huber on Wednesday, December 2, 2020