SASKATOON -- University students from Saskatoon have created a program to help kids participate in hands-on activities all from the safety of their home.

Campbox YXE is a non-profit organization that creates educational science and arts activities for kids. The free boxes full of supplies are delivered right to doorsteps and come with live online tutorial sessions where kids are able to learn and socialize with their instructors and fellow camp goers.

Camp Instructor David Wei says they first got the idea last year when they noticed a lack of online activities for children during the pandemic.

“Some of our founding members realized that COVID was a tough time for kids to be learning, even just in person and it was hard to get a good learning experience in school as well," said Wei.

“We set out this organization to try and help them get some more social interaction, try to get them some hands-on experiences that they can't experience normally.”

The boxes, which are free, range in themes from sciences to arts and are offered and are designed for grades 4-6 or 9-12.

“We have stuff like homemade catapults, we have pizza boxes, we have simple motors, bags you make from jeans, so really everything is covered,” Wei said.

The organization just released their new boxes for this summer which include an innovation and animations camp.

More information can be found on the Campbox YXE website.