A Saskatoon mother is calling on the province for more help with her eight-month-old son, who suffers from a rare and painful blistering skin disease.

“His bright eyes and his spirit, you would never think he’s dealing with what what’s he dealing with,” said Crystal Leptich, Leo’s mother.

Leo was born with epidermolysis bullosa, commonly known as EB, the same skin condition that affected Ottawa’s “Butterfly Boy” Jonathon Pitre.

The incurable, genetic skin disorder leaves the entire body delicate and easily able to blister from even the slightest friction.

“Once we delivered him, there were large patches on his skin and legs where there was no skin at all,” said Leptich.

Leo’s medical supplies are currently covered, but not for much longer.

Leptich says home care, provided by the Saskatchewan Health Authority, makes weekly visits and drops off supplies for Leo’s wounds.

She says she’s been told funding could be cut off as early as the fall, which is why she’s making a public push for help.

“It’s not the mandate of home care to be a long-term care service and I understand that, but someone needs to step in,” she said.

She says after reaching out to all levels of government, she is either redirected or ignored.

An eight-minute video was posted to Leptich’s Facebook, titled “Brave Little Lion: Leo’s Life With EB.”

In a statement, the Ministry of Health said it “cannot speak to an individual’s particular circumstances, but Ministry officials have been in communication with this individual and are working with the family going forward. “